Players Code of Conduct

Core Values:

• Holding the values and traditions of the sport in high esteem.
• Respect others and earning the respect of others by the way you behave on and off the pitch.

• Welcome all new team players and contribute to the wider club ethos on and off the pitch.

• The reason we play.
• Encourage all to enjoy and fully commit to training regardless of how hard or soft the session.
• Enjoy and do your best.

• Underpins the sport.
• Ensure you are controlled, honest and fair.
• Observe and abide with the laws to uphold the values of the game and the Referee is NOT the enemy, YES SIR, SORRY SIR.
• Captain ONLY speaks with the Referee.
• Control your emotions.
• Verbal or physical abuse of team mates, opponents, or match officials is NOT acceptable.

• The foundation on which all sports are built.
• We uphold the traditions of camaraderie with team mates and the opposition.
• You must observe fair play both on and off the pitch.
• Be generous in victory and dignified in defeat. Play to win but not at all costs.

Principles of Play:

Contest Possession
• Commit to and contest at the contact area and all set piece.
• With possession you can go forward and control the game.

Go Forward
• The gain line is key for go forward.
• Understand where it is and always try to get over with speed, strength and consider kicking options.

• Most important aspect of a successful attack and defence.
• Player support to the ball carrier by good positions and communications.
• In defence you work in groups to prevent opposition crossing gain line.
• Good support in attack will build continuity and in defence will prevent continuity for the opposition.

• Effective support will provide continuity.
• Help retain possession and start the principle of play off again.
• Continuity will apply pressure.

• Speed in decisions will apply pressure to opposition and make them make mistakes, this will open up areas to target.
• We must train under pressure to ensure we can handle pressure.

Commitment to Training:

• Timings. Key for all to set their watch at the same time and all turn up ready to start at the same time. Timings are critical to a successful training session.

• Attendance. To master technical areas and set piece moves we need all players in attendance.

• Attention. Players must know when to switch on and focus on the session. Learn to switch on when required, leave all baggage in the changing room/side line.