MRFC V UAE Shaheen

Muscat Rugby Stuns In Season Opener Against UAE Shaheen

Muscat Rugby Football Club, current Gulf Conference Champions, successfully opened their season in Dubai on Friday evening against UAE Shaheen. MRFC’s team dominated in all areas of the game to finish with a strong win of 53-0. Throughout the game Muscat applied the pressure needed to keep Muscat’s opponents at bay.

MRFC’s dominance in the set play of the game was evident at every turn, with a particular strength in the forward pack which disrupted UAE Shaheen’s ability to protect its own ball. Thanks to new coaches bringing the team together and making them work closer as a pack, the team showed they are a force to be reckoned with. All players gave it their all though a particular mentions go to Macdara O’Ciardha and Jonathan Young in the forwards, and Gareth Osborne in the backs, all of whom went over and above to seal the victory. read more