Are you claiming your Rugby Bucks?!

Starting today, and running until the end of September, MRFC are partnering up with OUA to help you save money! Simply call in to OUA MQ, SCS Azaiba or ONAS out in Seeb and learn how to save money on your new MRFC membership. In essence, buy certain products and get vouchers. Use these vouchers to redeem up to 50% off your MRFC membership fees. That means you can get a family membership for as little as RO 50 for the September 1st 2017 – August 31st 2018 membership year, or a single membership for as little as RO 25. We think this is a great opportunity to save money, and speaking of, here is a round up of some – not even all – of the savings your new 2017-18 MRFC membership card can get you:

Not bad, and there are more benefits coming too!

Now, have you signed up yet?

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